Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zoo Adventure

Well today was a fun day.  I went with my cousins to the zoo.  It was fun watching how much they loved seeing all the different animals.  I even got L this littlest one to say duckie and when I said monkey he would make oohh ohh ahh ahh sounds.  It was so cute!  We sure walked a lot tho!!! I got my exercise for the day that is for sure!!  There has been tons of changes from when I was a kid and visited there.  And of course I HAD to see the penguins!  Got tons of pics of them.  K was in charge of taking pics...Rolls eyes...she did a pretty good job tho. :)  They even have ways to interact more with the animals.  Like feeding the giraffes.  B tried to get D to do that, but he was having none of that!  Then K and I took D, G, and L on the little train ride that they have.  They had fun on that.  L was babling away.  It was  very cute!  We spent a few hours there, and then the boys started to get fussy.  So we were like yup its time to go.  Not long after we left the zoo all three boys were fast asleep!  They slept for a pretty good amount of time.  It was a fun day tho.