Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

Well I had Thursday off.  I got up when Mom did and prepped the turkey. (I named the turkey Bob.)  I also helped make the stuffing.  It actually came out really good.  Mom even said everything tasted like she made it.  While it was cooking the smoke alarm went off and I go DINNERS DONE!!  Mom started laughing.  I was surprised Dad didn't come out and say well we know A is cooking.  I am always burning things when I cook.  Mostly cause of getting distracted when I am cooking.  It turned out really awesome.  Prolly gonna end up making the turkey again next year.  At least now I know how to do it.

The twins were here and they did very well eating.  They were soooo cute.  Mom and I sat beside them at their little table.  They kept trying to feed us to.  It was so sweet of them.  

I had to work today.  It went pretty good.  I wasn't to busy thankfully.  I am doing my Christmas shopping on Monday.  Well some of my Christmas shopping.  I am gonna try and get at least three people done this week so I don't have to worry about them.  :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Well back to work today then I am off tomorrow.  I can't wait to get my tax check I am so getting a new phone and a new bed.  My bed now hurts my back to the point it wakes me up.  I want something that I would like.

Today is my sisters birthday.  She is still driving me insane.  I am hoping that she will be chilled out when she comes over here later.  Mom said something about having her help me do the Turkey tomorrow.  Most likely it will just end up falling on me.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I have the next two days off...YAY!! So today Mom and I are going to decorate S and A's apartment for her birthday and for Christmas.  Then tomorrow I am going to be doing the laundry.  Then I work Wensday and then I am off on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  This will be the first Thanksgiving that I actually have off and can spend the day with my family and eat some awesome food.  Granted I am going to be really trying to work off all the calories that I will be eating.  But it is so worth it to be able to be home and be with my family.

Next paycheck I need to pay more on my Kohl's bill so I can be able to get great deals for Christmas presents this year.  For the older boys I am just getting them gift cards since they never really like what I get them in the first place.  This way they can't complain.  I have already started trying to get some Christmas gifts so I am not waiting till the last minute to get all the gifts for everyone and spend all my checks on that and not on the other things I need to get.

I am trying to stay upbeat for this Holiday season.  It is a big help that I don't have to put up with the stuff at Kmart anymore.  So that is good.  I really like working where I am at now.  They actually seem to care about the employees.  I like most of the people I work with as well.  I think on New Years Day since we are closed that H and I might go out to eat or something since we never really get to see each other out of work.  And I think she is a great person and a great friend.

Well I gotta get ready to go!  More later!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I enjoyed having the last two days off, but its back to work today.  I am working till 10 still there are trying to see if it is worth staying open so late is worth it for the company or not.  I have mixed feelings about if we should be open till 9 or 10.  But I do want the manager and the owners want me to.

I got my sisters birthday present yesterday.  I also did a little Christmas shopping I think everyone will like what I am getting them this year.  Mom, A, and I made paper chains to decorate S and A's apartment for her birthday and for Christmas last night.  Then we played Uker and Uno.  It was a lot of fun.  Normally we don't really play much games we only do that on New Year's Eve.  So that was a change.

I worked out at the neighbors today.  She made me a key and hid it so I can go and work out when she is on vacation.  I thought that was very nice of her.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We are now closing at 10 so that means an extra hour on my pay check each day I work.  So that is good with trying to get Christmas presents for my family and a few friends.  Bad thing is that it will be even later that I get home at night.  Oh well at least I am able to get everything done that I need to.

It is so cold here it's not funny.  Winter came early for us.  I wasn't ready for this cold yet even.  I am hoping that it won't be as bad as it was last year.   I am already wanting Spring to be here.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Well it snowed yesterday.  So the ground is all white...UGH!!! I really dislike winter...  It gets way to cold and somehow I always end up falling down because of ice.  At least this year I don't have to work on Thanksgiving or deal with the shoppers at a retail place.  I am sure I will still have to deal with them wanting gas on Black Friday, but it won't be as bad as it used to be.

I guess we are now staying open until ten at night.  Which means it is going to be very slow after 9 till people realize we are open later.  Oh well means more money for me.  So that is good.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Well I am excited about something that will be coming up.  I am getting a new bed.  I am hoping to get a day bed frame, but we will see if that is what I will end up getting.  Also I am getting a new book case because I am running out of room for my books and I read alot.  Most of my books are ones that I read over and over again.  I also am getting a new phone.  The one I have now has a small crack in the screen.  Thankfully I can still see everything on it but its only a matter of time before it totally falls apart on me.  I wanna get a smart phone.

Work is going good.  I been getting out early lately.  Mostly because I run around trying to get everything done.  Mostly so I am not there till 10:30 at night.  Well that will be changing next week.  We will be open till 10 pm.  That is going to take some time to get used to that is for sure.  I am sure I can do it though.  It does mean that I get an extra hour towards my pay check though so that is good.

For Thanksgiving the Owners gave us all gift cards to Walmart.  So I am going to get our things for Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday.  Money is going to be really tight this week for my parents so I am trying to help out as much as I can.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Working today.  And I just got done working out at the neighbors house.  I am really tired though.  I haven't been sleeping very well.  Mostly because of the bed I have.  It is fine when I first go to sleep but after about 3 hours my back starts hurting and so does my hips.  

I am so not ready for winter.  It is already getting really\cold out.  I hate the cold.  It always ends up making my knee really sore. 

 But at least I don't have to work around crazyness of black Friday.  I mean I prolly will have to work but it will be nothing compared to having to work it at Kmart.  But I am wondering if N will give me that day off.  Prolly not but oh well...  I need to start my gift shopping very soon.  I don't like waiting till the last minute to get things.  But because D and J won't make a list I will end up just getting what I want to get them.  Then they will hate it.  I don't know why I get them anything in the first place.  They have hated everything my parents A and me have ever gotten them.  They could diffidently do with a lesson on being thankful for what they are given.  Cause other kids their age don't get anything because of poverty or other reasons.  I am sure those kids are thankful.  Oh well they aren't my kids so I am not going to worry about it.  I just hope their Mom steps up more on their behavior.  

Friday, November 7, 2014

Twin time!

So today we are getting the twins for the weekend.  WAHOO!!!  I love having them around.  It is so cool watching them learn words and new things to do.  They can be a handful, but a lot of the times there are just cute and want to be cuddled.  I love my nephews.

So I apologized to the lady She said I was forgiven and then said she would never come to the store again.  So who knows on that one.  But at least I did the grown up thing and apologized.  So now I can move on to other important things that are going on in my life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Better Day

Today has been a lot better.  Right now I am watching my cousin.  He and I have been playing the WII off and on since he got here at 8 this morning.  I didn't know he was going to be here so early or I would have went to bed early last night.  But oh well.  If I get tired I will try and take a nap if I need one.  

We are getting the twins this weekend.  Yay!!! I love spending time with them and seeing what new things they have learned.  They are so smart!!! I love how cute they are getting.  They have their moments of being little stinkers that is for sure.  But spending time with them is very important. :) 

I am actually off work Friday and Saturday and then I am opening on Sunday.  It has been so long since I have opened I hope I remember how!!!

Well more later!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yesterday 11 3 14

So I am back to journaling 3 times a week.  I need to be able to get my feelings and thoughts out instead of holding them in all the time.  

Yesterday was a very hard day for me.  I found out something about a family member that made me scared, angry, disappointed, upset, and pretty much very emotional.  I am not going into what the problem is, but I was went to for help, and I didn't really even understand it.  I feel like I have failed that person.  But I am starting to realize that it wasn't my fault.  At least now they are asking for help.  So that is weighing very hard on my mind.  I care about my family and I seem to always want to take care of the problems.  I know I can't help all the time, but its hard.  I also have to keep remembering that I can't change people.  I can only change myself and my actions.  It is a very hard lesson to learn that is for sure.  

Then I got called into work early.  I was told that I had offended a customer with something I said.  I don't even remember saying what it is said that I had said.  But I was asked to apologize for it, which I will do today before work.  It always seems like things pile on.  I mean like things will be awesome, then all of a sudden everything goes downhill.  And it seems like it is never just one thing.  It is a lot of things all at once.  And it gets very hard to handle everything.  

Some good news is I got 90% on a test that I had to take at work.  So that is awesome.  I think there are a few more test that we all have to take.  Hopefully I will do just as good as those as I did on this one.  The last one I did kinda yucky on.  But at least I am learning.

I still love my job.  There have been a lot of changes this past month and will be having more changes too.  We got the new gas pumps.  Next week we get an overhand or canopy what ever they are calling it.  And we are getting a digital sigh.  I am excited about the new sign.  No more having to climb a ladder to change gas prices which will be very good.

I am supposed to get my knee brace Friday.  I notice I need more support with my knee when I am working, otherwise my knee gives out and there is nothing I can do till I am older and can just get my knee replaced.  Diffidently not looking forward to that.

My sister has a new boyfriend.  He is very nice and kind of a goofball.  Him and A are so much alike that its crazy.  He is like the female version of her.  I don't know yet if that is a good thing or if it is a bad thing.  

Well I need to get somethings done around the house...Just gotta keep moving so I don't dwell on problems....