Sunday, April 28, 2013

Well I worked this morning from 4 to 8.  It went okay, but I was so annoyed with K.  She did my signs for me and that was nice of her, but she could have at least put them in order so it would be easier for me to get my signs done faster.  It just got annoying that I couldn't get things done as fast as normal as I could.  Oh well nothing I can do about it now.

Then I found out Mom has to have surgery next Friday on her neck.  I have like 5 days in a roll off so when she is in the hospital I am going to end up staying with her at the hospital so she has someone there to help and keep an eye on her.  I am scared about it all.  At least with me being there I can keep an eye on her.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am so ready for a day off from work...They started stripping the floors today.  They do this once a year so that is good.  The bottom shelf had to be put back on every counter.  So that took about half the day to do.  Then I had to go back and put the shoes back on the shelf.  I was told it had to be done today...Well that sure as hell did NOT happen.  So my store manager is prolly going to be yelling at me for it.  And I couldnt help not getting it done there is way too much to do and way to much to do still.  I am just wore out.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Well Rob and I are just friends now...I really doubt we will be going back out with each other...I guess I was not what he was looking for.  I try and say something about coming over to hang out and he pushes me off...I miss going over there and seeing his girls.  I just feel like once again I thought things were going good and then I get kicked in the stomach and told NO your not good enough.. NOT pretty enough...I just really want to give up on it all...