Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today is my 31 birthday.  I have the day off from work.  YAY!  I also have tomorrow off.  

We had to do the laundry today.  That went pretty good.  Then when we got home my sister made a big deal about me having a hair tie in my hair well she wanted it.  So I took it out of my hair and threw it towards where she was sitting.  Well the dog got it so I had to go get some food to get it away from him.  You would think she would give it to me for my birthday, but nope.  She is supposed to clean out my car since I bought her a camera for her when she was with her friend C.  Well she still hasn't cleaned it.  So I am not going to do anything for her now.  I hate that she thinks everything should be handed to her.  I feel like I am being used by her, and I do NOT like it at all.  

I am waiting to get my presant from my Mom and Dad till July.  Since they are on disability they live paycheck to paycheck.  I totally understand that and I am fine with it.  

I was hoping that I would be with Rob for this birthday, but he won't even call me back when I call or leave messages.  So I am thinking he don't want to be friends, and prolly found someone new.  It sucks because I really liked him, and his little girls.  I guess he didn't feel the same about me...His loss I guess.  It still sucks tho!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just a really bad few days...

The last few days have been total hell...

First when I was walking my knee went one way and the rest of my leg went the other.  So I thought maybe I twisted my knee.  I went to my Doctor and she sent me to a Specialist.  The same doctor that did my surgery.  He thinks I may have messed up my graph.  And if I did means surgery...again...  I go for an MRI June 21.  Hopefully I just twisted it...I am trying to stay positive, but that is kinda hard to do.

I go to tell E what is going on and she don't answer me back.  Here lately I say anything to her and I don't get an answer.  She is saying I forgot Mother's day and her birthday.  I sent her messages both days.  So now she is mad at me.  I guess she wants nothing to do with me.  So I guess I will stop trying to tell her what is going on with me and my leg.  When I told her she didn't say one word about it...She went into basically saying she is pissed at me.  So like I said I will just keep how I feel to myself.

I now will have major restrictions at work.  No walking, standing, climbing ladders, crouching, or squatting.  This goes on till July 2.  So no garden shop for me.  Which really sucks because I like it out there.  Its nice and quiet and I don't have to put up with other peoples bull crap...  All I can do is be on register with a stool.  Fun...NOT...I guess I will get somewhat of a brake now.  But I like getting different jobs at work done.  I feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete a job.

Then I got a letter from my lawyer saying that Matt's lawyer wants me to pay Matt 8% interest...yeah that is sooo not going to happen.  I hardly have the money to pay him as it is.  And he wants even more money.  How the hell is that fair?  And apparently it don't matter if I need the money for food and gas for my car.  And I need the money even more for the doctor bills I will be getting.  I wish he would just keel over.  Then I wouldn't have to pay him the money.  I know that is mean of me to say, but the jackass has put me through a lot of shit and has screwed me on the way I see people anymore.

One good thing...My bankruptcy is finished!!! FINALLY!  Now if all this other stuff would work out I will be happier...But with my luck it will just end up being worse... Sigh...