Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I worked 9 to 6 today...I got 7 layouts done.  So that is good.  I have the day off tomorrow.  I have to go to court for the trailer though.  I am nervous about it even though I kno there is nothing they can really say that they haven't already.  It is just very annoying that I have to keep going and seeing them though.  I want the bankruptcy to get finished so that I don't have to keep going back and having to take days off of work.  And that is really annoying.  Oh well I can't change it right now so I am not going to worry about it.

I am hoping I can get into my new room this weekend.  I am so ready to have my own little space that I can decorate the way I want.  I will finally be able to have the privacy I want.  I really need to be patient though.  I need to learn to be more patient.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I worked 9 to 6 today.  It went pretty good.  I worked on the coolers and the golf ball layouts.  It took about all day to get the work done. 

My Mom had to go to the ER again.  She has another boil.  They gave her an iv and some pain meds.  They are letting her come home though.  So that is good.  I just hope it goes away so she don't have to go back.  She is home now and really loopy!!!

I am starting to get my fingernails back...I put some polish on them that taste really nasty.  So now I don't want to chew them.  It is really helping that is for sure!!!

I love the movie UP.  It is so funny!! I wish they would have made a part two to it. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

I worked 9 to 6 today.  It went pretty good.  I got 3 layouts done.  Normally I would have more done, but the layouts I had done everything was a complete mess.  The last one I had to redo all the labels.  It went pretty fast which is good.   

Mom and my sister didn't go to school today.  They didn't want to I guess...I kinda like when they go.  It means the house is calm and quiet.  Oh well nothing I can do.  I am learning to let go of the things that I can't do anything about and not let it worry me so much...

I am watching Horders.  I can't understand why people do that.  It would make me so sick to be in a house like that to be honest...But I am glad the people get help that they need to over come their problems.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My landlord called and talked to my Mom today...His mom found out she has lung cancer.  I have got really close to his Mom.  I even call her Grandma.  She has always shown more interest in me and my life then my own Grandma ever has.  I don't know how I feel other then I keep crying.  I just found out about all this not even an hour ago.  :(

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Well I worked till close tonight.  It actually went pretty good.  I got 2 credit apps...So I made 4 dollars off that.  Then I sold a smart plan and will get extra money on my check!!!  So that is awesome.  My store manager said something about me getting trained for electronics.  Mostly since I sold about 2 grand worth of merchandise tonight within an hour.  I am proud of myself for doing that to be honest.  And that was all with being off register for about 2 or 3 weeks... :)  I have tomorrow off work.  YAY!  So I am going to get my work clothes washed again and see about getting a few things done for my Mom.  Maybe even read a few books.  Monday I go back in at like 9 am till 6.  Next week is my last week for the big hours I have been getting.  Which kinda sucks because I need the money and I may complain about work sometimes, but I do like working there.

Tonight my ex's ex sister-in-law was in the store.  She saw me and came up and started talking to me like her and I are old friends and still are friends.  I have never really been friends with her at all.  She was telling me how she should have told me to never marry Matt and that I she hoped I wasn't broken hearted or anything about him and I not being together anymore.  I was like well I'm not broken hearted I am actually glad to be rid of him... And that is the truth.  I hated how him and his family treated me.  Well after she was done talking to me she had her phone at her ear.  Prolly telling her sister about what I said and her sister who is Matt's ex wife will end up telling Matt.  To be honest I don't care if she does.  I don't care what he thinks anymore.  He isn't in my life and I am so glad for that!!!!!

I think I have grown so much in the past few months...I am able to talk more about how I feel and what I want.  I do wish I would have learned this lesson sooner though...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today went good...I had to do the worst layout ever.  But it went pretty good actually.  I love watching Smackdown it is so cool!!!  I know I can be weird about the things I like.  I am so ready for my day off.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today was okay.  I had to redo the junior bedding...sigh...apparently it wasn't done the way the store manager wanted it...Well he should have told me how he wanted it before I started on it...Oh well it is over and done with...I found out after next week my hours majorly drop...And that sucks cause I really need to get money saved up for stuff...sigh....

My back is hurting tonight...Mostly from having to check all the prices on the shelf strips.  I am ready for the shelf strips to be done...then again I am not cause of the extra hours I get...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today was ok I guess...My hours are going to go down after next week which sucks...i still feel down and kinda sick...sigh...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today was not a very good day...I woke up not feeling good and then when I got to work my assistant manager started yelling at me about what needed to be done then end up giving me extra work to do along with having to have 35 feet done by the time I went home...I just want to lay down close my eyes and yeah... sigh... i hate it when I am down...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well I am back from my Aunt's house.  I had a pretty good time.  Two of my younger cousins were at her house and I had fun seeing them...They have gotten so big.  I also got to see my three other cousins that I used to babysit...OMG they have even gotten big.  All of them gave me huge hugs and the little ones did not want to see me go...It was really cute.  I definitely need to see them more.  I miss being around some of my family that is for sure.  But I really don't want to move back to my hometown...Mostly cause Matt lives there and so does his family and I really really do NOT want to see any of them.  They made my life a total hell....

I also got to see my new baby cousin he is soooo cute!!! I got to hold him...He didn't cry at first but the second time I went to hold him he started to get fussy...So his Mom got him and fed him and laughed at me when I was like ok never mind I lost my touch with being able to hold babies and not having them cry lol.  

I have to go back to my Aunts in a few weeks when I am able to so I can get my taxes done.  I also have to go to my one cousin's house.  He is letting me buy an E reader.  I have wanted one of those for like ever!!!! I can't wait to get it...I am sooo excited about getting one...

I move in to my own bedroom this weekend!! FINALLY!!!  I will have a lock on my door!!! THANK GOD!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I got all my stuff packed to go to my Aunt's for the weekend!  I am excited to go...I guess she got tickets to see a show.  :)  I like doing stuff for my Aunt, but I hate when my family only calls me when they want me to do things for them...It gets kinda annoying, but they are my family and I love them...

I am glad I got a 3 day weekend from work.  I won't have to worry about doing those shelf strips and not getting yelled at by the store manager.  I know he was mad that we took so long to do pantry and that we had to go through so much to get all the outdates and the short dates off the shelves.  That was so annoying to have to look through all of that and make sure everything was at 100% before we left the area.  At least now we are in a different area and it should go so much faster now.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Well I only worked till like 3 30 today...The manager said we could take off early today...I was actually glad that we could.  I am just wore out from having to check the dates on the food and having to go back and forth on the ladder today...I hate being so short.  Normally I just use the step ladder but today I had to be on the bigger one....I am always scared I am going to loose my balance, and fall, and rehurt my knee.  I really do not want to have to go through surgery again that is for sure.

I leave for my Aunts house tomorrow.  I am kinda excited about going there for the weekend.  It gets me away from the house and the drama here for a few day.  It also gives me a chance to kinda recharge myself and everything and be able to rest for work the next week. 

I am glad that I haven't been on register though...I would actually rather do the shelf stripping then being on the register.  Mostly because we just stand there and it gets so boring when its slow...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well today was a long day at work.  I worked 9 to 6.  I got annoyed with some of the people that I work with.  I spent over 6 hours taking sparkling water off the shelf because it was outdated.  If someone had drank that then got sick we could have got sued.  It takes a few min to make sure you rotate a product...BUT noooo people can't do that and make sure things are up to date...It was just annoying that I had to spend all that time trying to make sure all the product was in the right space....We were supposed to be done with the pantry today, but we still aren't done...I know the store manager is going to yell at us and be mad that we are still working in the same section.  We are supposed to be in another area already...sigh...

Saturday I am going to my Aunts for the weekend.  :)  I am going to do my taxes and we maybe going to the movies...but im not sure yet.  I think I am going to take my Aunt out to lunch as a thank you and to do something nice. 

I get my check tomorrow! YAY!!! I can't wait to find out how much I made!..

I am happy that Mike is going to Top me again.  I know I have to continue to talk to him about how i am feeling and what I want and what I am thinking....I know it is very important to communicate.  I have learned so much in the past few weeks.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Well this weekend went ok...Kinda got mad at my sister for a few things though.  I am over it now...I had to work 9 to 3 today.  It went pretty fast thankfully.  I am working those hours till like Thursday and then I switch to 9 to 6.  Just means a lot more hours and more money that I can get saved up...I have so much that needs to get paid and I really need to just buckle it down and get things paid for and then save up for some new clothes and maybe see about getting a new phone that actually has a contract with insurance on the phone...Cause I know I will end up messing the phone up some how or flushing it down the toilet..  I have already flushed 2 phones and washed one as well...I swear I am accident prone and I am always losing things.  If my head wasn't attached it would be lost too. LOL!!! 

I was at work and my sugar really dropped to the point I felt like I was going to pass out...One of the girls I work with is diabetic and took my sugar and it was like 84 and they made me eat some candy and drink a soda to get it back up to where it was supposed to be at.  I don't want to go thru what Mike or my Mom goes through for them being diabetic.  

I got the new Braking Dawn movie!  I haven't watched it yet my sister wants to watch all the movies before we watch that one...I told her that was fine and that I didn't mind doing that.  I  can't wait to watch it...I hope it is as good as the book.  One of the girls I work with said it was so so.  We will see though.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well my store manager told us we have to work 9 hours now.  So now I will be getting even more hours then what I already have.  Which is actually good.  I just know I am going to be very tired.  But I really need the money so I can get this stuff done and over with.  I am happy that I am getting the hours though.  I just hope that I can do it and not get way too tired or get frustrated with going slow or not getting things done right the way I want them.  I am glad that I have my job though.  Mostly because it does get me out of the house.  

I love having my laptop now.  I don't have to wait till Mom or my sister aren't on it anymore, and I like that I can do my own thing online and not have to worry that they will see what I am doing or what I am writing.  I missed having my own privacy and being able to do my own thing with my computer and getting the pictures that I want and not worry that Dad will see them.  Or reading the stories that I write.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Well today I worked 9 to 3.  I learned how to strip the shelves and I will be doing that for the rest of the week.  I got frustrated when I first started and I had to call the manager that was in charge of the project like 5 different times to help  me out.  I need to be more patient with myself, and know that sometimes things just take time to get.  I liked getting out at 3 though.  I had the rest of the day to do what I want, and that was great I think.  Tomorrow we are doing a different department.  I hope it goes just as fast as today went.  

 I got my battery for my laptop today!  I have it charging up right now! Now if only I would listen more to people...I am trying to listen more and to communicate with what I want.  It takes awhile and it isn't going to change and I know that.  I just hope that I can keep doing better with doing what I am working on.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I am working today for like 4 hours and 15 min.  I hope they don't have me on register the whole time.  It goes so slow when I am just doing that.  I like when they give up little projects to do.  Mainly cause I am learning something new to do.  I like being able to learn new things and that means I can fill in for other jobs and get more hours.  I really like working.  Mostly because it gets me out of my house and the drama that goes on around here.  And I also like the people I work with.  They are pretty nice and we all talk about things whenever we are able to.  I have like most of them on my facebook and they all play the games on there as well. 

I am really thinking about taking a few college class.  I want to think about taking classes for photography, or writing, or becoming a teacher, but I am not sure yet what I want to do.  I want to get the bankruptcy done and the divorce done and then maybe I can really think about going back to school and finding out all the information about the fees and classes that I can take.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well today I worked for four hours.  It went pretty good.  My manager wouldn't make her mind up about where she wants me to put things at.  It went pretty fast actually So that was good.  The next two weeks are going to be good weeks...I am working like 30 hours each week!!!!  So my paychecks should be pretty good.  I really need to get my part paid for the bankruptcy so I can get my divorce done already.  And I still have to pay my brother the money I owe him. 

I am doing pretty good. :)  Finally sleeping a lot better and finally eating better. :)

My doctor changed my depression meds.  I am on Lexapro and it gives me dry mouth not sure if it is really working yet.  She said it may take about a month or two before I see any difference.  I hope it works with my moods and panic attacks.