Sunday, March 16, 2014

So work is going okay...I had to work the service desk last night then turn around and work 4 to 8 this morning.  It was crazy that is for sure.  I didn't burn the desk down so that is good...

M and I still haven't talked.  He said it was something to do with my phone, but I can get text and send text to everyone else so I don't know what is going on...  He knows my house number and I even tried to text him using my Mom's phone so the ball is in his court if he feels like talking to me.

I got my hair cut today!  It is short!  I went from having my hair to the middle of my back to up to my chin.  It looks really great though and I like it.  And that is what is most important.  :)  Plus short hair looks more like me.  I just wished I could have sent it to locks of love.  But they won't take it if it has been dyed.  So that sucks.  

Well I will write more later on gonna get some house work done for Mom since she isn't feeling good today.