Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So Monday I got called in early because we had to have a meeting about the things that are not getting done at work.  Pretty sad when it is only one person that doesn't do their job that we all get called in to have a little chat about it.  Well now on if things aren't done before the one person leaves I am going to tell her hey you need to take 10 min and get this done.  Their is no reason that I should have to do both her job and mine.  She has been there longer then me and its like I do things that she don't do at all.  Take the initiative and make an effort to do things.  Especially when the things are part of your job!!!  So now if we all get called in for a meeting we will all get wrote up...Which I think is wrong.  Why should I get wrote up when I am doing my job?  Then the girl everyone is complaining about is all like well she was late and so was she.  I was late twice.  Once because my car got a flat tire on the way to work.  The other was because my car wouldn't start.  You are almost always late.  I just want to tell her to get with the program.  I honestly don't think she will be there much longer to be honest.  She really doesn't get along with any of us it seems like.  And I know we are just tired of her excuses.  We all have a life outside of work.  But when you go to work get your job done!!!

Today it looks like I will be called in early again cause of someone being sick.  I just hope I don't get called in on Thursday.  It is supposed to be my day off.  But I will work if I have to.

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